Ethics & Legal Studies Doctoral Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main focus of study for the program?
Our aim is to help students become leading scholars and leading educators in business ethics and/or business law. For examples of departmental research interests, please see Representative Publications.

Is our Ph.D. coursework to be completed consecutively on a full-time matriculated basis?
Yes. Students must be enrolled full-time, and the program lasts 4 to 5 years. Students must remain in residence for the duration of the program. All students in good standing receive a living stipend and full tuition for at least four years. The University pays for basic health coverage.

Are GMAT scores accepted for entrance to the program?
GRE scores are preferred, but GMAT scores are accepted.

Do I need a law degree to enter the program?
No. Many of our applicants do possess a law degree. Those who lack a law degree will have other training that is relevant to our program, such as ethical theory, business, or philosophy.

What are the course requirements?
The course requirements can be found on the Wharton Doctoral Programs page.

What kind of courses do students in the department teach?
They may teach courses in ethics, law, and negotiation.