Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide me information on the research topic of [insert any topic]?

Please check our current research papers. The working papers can also be searched as a single collection. You may also want to try Knowledge at Wharton or our page of links to possible sources of research information.

Can you help me find the research on [insert any topic] attributed to the Wharton School in [insert any name of a magazine, periodical, newspaper, etc.]?

Generally speaking, no, unless the citation is very specific. Magazines and newspapers often use the vague phrase “research done at the Wharton School …” but do not provide the researcher’s name or area of expertise. Without something more specific, it is almost impossible for us to track down such information.
We suggest that you contact the publication or the author of the article to get a specific citation for the research.

Can you send me the application forms for the [undergraduate, MBA, PhD, Executive Education] program for your department?

The Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department does not provide application forms or information about general admissions to the Wharton School. You should, instead, consult the Wharton School’s web page. There you will find complete information about the School, its undergraduate, MBA, doctoral, and executive programs, and application procedures.

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