Daniel Singer

Daniel Singer
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Past Courses

  • PHIL6000 - Proseminar

    An intensive seminar for first-year doctoral students, with readings drawn from recent and contemporary eistemology and metaphysics, broadly construed. Students will develop their abilities to present and discuss philosophical texts, and to write and revise their own papers.

  • PHIL7000 - Dissertation Workshop

    Registration required for all third-year doctoral students. Third-year students and beyond attend and present their dissertation work or their preliminary exam prospectus. From time to time, topics pertaining to professional development and dissertation writing will be discussed.

  • PHIL9998 - Teaching Practicum

    Supervised teaching experience. Four semesters are required of all Doctoral students in philosophy.

  • PHIL9999 - Independent Study

    Directed readings in consultation with individual faculty members.

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