Julian Jonker

Julian Jonker
  • Assistant Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics

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    Room 669 Jon M. Huntsman Hall
    3730 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Julian Jonker is an assistant professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He works in moral philosophy and legal theory concerns contractualism, the nature and structure of private law, and the nature of rights. In recent work on the nature of rights, he has explored the relationship between rights and directed duties and sought to explain rights and duties in terms of our capacity to take an interest in the world and our practice of holding each other accountable. Another research project explores the relationship between contract and promising, and seeks to understand whether a fundamental principle of good faith is compatible with a promise-based theory of contract law.

Professor Jonker is a South African citizen and studied law in South Africa shortly after the democratic transition and the certification of the post-apartheid constitution. While a researcher at the District Six Museum and graduate student at the University of Cape Town he wrote about the legal and ethical dimensions of cultural property.

Ph.D. (Philosophy), University of California at Berkeley
MPhil (Law), University of Cape Town
LLB, University of Cape Town
BBusSci, University of Cape Town

Academic Positions Held
Lecturer, Department of Private Law, University of Cape Town (2007-2010)

Other Positions Held
Researcher, District Six Museum (2001—2004)

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Past Courses


    This course presents law as an evolving social institution, with special emphasis on the legal regulation of business in the context of social values. It considers basic concepts of law and legal process, in the U.S. and other legal systems, and introduces the fundamentals of rigorous legal analysis. An in-depth examination of contract law is included.

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