The Wharton Ethics Program

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Diana C. Robertson

Associate Director
Lauretta Tomasco


Wharton Ethics Program



Ethics teaching has been an integral part of business education at Wharton for over 25 years. Wharton has been integrating ethics into its curriculum for almost three decades. The principal research objective of the program is to consider critically the context, role, and effectiveness of ethics education.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To enable students to develop the critical skills and analytical frameworks essential to identify, characterize, and resolve ethical problems likely to arise in their business careers.
  • To acquaint students and faculty with literature on professional ethics and corporate responsibility.
  • To encourage the moral and intellectual development of students.
  • To support and encourage empirical and theoretical research in business ethics.

The Wharton Ethics program also provides academic advising for students who wish to pursue a secondary concentration in Social Impact and Responsibility.  More information about the concentration can be found at Wharton Undergraduate Academic Advising.



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