Suneal Bedi

Suneal Bedi
  • PhD, Marketing, Business Ethics

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Research Interests: brand equity, intellectual property, consumer behavior, business law, ethics

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Joint Ph.D. Marketing, Ph.D. Business Ethics, The Wharton School (2019)
M.S. Marketing, The Wharton School (2018)
J.D. Harvard Law School (2012)
B.A., with honors, Swarthmore College (2009)

Bio: Suneal Bedi is interested in the intersection of branding, intellectual property, and consumer behavior. His work focuses on using various methodologies (including experimental, quantitative, and philosophical) to analyze issues in marketing, law and ethics.

Prior to joining the doctoral program, Suneal worked as a corporate real estate and private equity attorney in the Boston office of Ropes & Gray LLP. He is a member of the Massachusetts State Bar.

In the Fall, Suneal will be an Assistant Professor at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Recent Awards: Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching, 2018; Jackson Lewis Employment Law Best Paper Award (ALSB Conference), 2015; Hans Jacob Heckman Fellowship in Ethics, 2015/2016; Marc and Diane Spilker Corporate Governance Fellowship, 2015/2016/2017.

Publications and Works Under Review:

Fully and Barely Clothed: Case Studies in Gender and Religious Discrimination in the Wake of Citizens United and Hobby LobbyHastings Business Law Journal, 12 (2), 133-184.

“Measuring Trademark Dilution by Tarnishment” (Indiana Law Journal forthcoming) with David Reibstein.

“Errors in Measuring Minor Attributes Using Choice Modelling” (under review) with David Reibstein.

“To Boycott or not to Boycott” (under review).

Works in Progress:

“Brand Recall Latency and Trademark Fame Designations.”

“Managerial Proclivities to Misreport.”

“Brand as Promise.”

Selected Media Publications:

“Is America Great Again? Data Says No” U.S. News and World Report (January 23, 2018). with David Reibstein

“The Lemon that is Lululemon Huffington Post (April 22, 2014).

The Importance of Nation Branding” U.S. News and World Report (March 20, 2018). with David Reibstein

“California’s Attempt to Avenge Revenge Porn” Huffington Post (November 9, 2013).

“From Pigskin to Bacon: The Legal Issues Surrounding the NFL Concussion Litigation” Forbes Magazine (May 8, 2012).

“Why Swiping Right on Everyone isn’t a Winning Strategy” Washington Post (November 4, 2015).

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    This course presents law as an evolving social institution, with special emphasis on the legal regulation of business in the context of social values. It considers basic concepts of law and legal process, in the U.S. and other legal systems, and introduces the fundamentals of rigorous legal analysis. An in-depth examination of contract law is included.


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