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    This course focuses on the areas of association, contract, constitutional, labor, antitrust, and agency law as they apply to the sports industry. This course exposes the student to many of the legal issues facing stakeholders in sport organizations. Special attention is given to the regulation of professional sports leagues promoting competitive balance, as well as antitrust law and labor-management relations dealing with the organization structure of sports leagues. The course also takes an inside look at previous and newly formed collective bargaining agreements and the use of Salary Cap or lack thereof in professional sports leagues. The development of effective communication skills will be emphasized through class presentations, written assignments, and quizzes; leadership and interpersonal communications will be cultivated through small group projects and meetings, and critical thinking and problem solving skills will be fostered through the careful study of case law impacting the sports industry in a variety of facets.


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Success In the High-Tech Business Takes:
A) Vision
B) Great Ideas
C) Terrific Management
D) Attention to the Customer
E) All of the Above
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