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Deborah Weinstein
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Deborah Weinstein ia a master teacher and trainer, for the past 13 years, she has taught employment law as a lecturer at the Wharton Business School’s Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics. She developed the innovative employment law course, The Law at Work: Employment Law for Managers.

She has been a respected litigator, counselor, and thought leader in the area of employment law for over two decades. She has a national reputation for her work with employers—her forceful courtroom presentations, her sound preventative advice on workforce issues, and her passion for helping to create lawful, respectful, and productive work environments. Her thought leadership extends into teaching, speaking, and writing about people, the workplace, and the law. 


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Past Courses

  • LGST101 - Law and Social Values

    This course presents law as an evolving social institution, with special emphasis on the legal regulation of business in the context of social values. It considers basic concepts of law and legal process, in the U.S. and other legal systems, and introduces the fundamentals of rigorous legal analysis. An in-depth examination of contract law is included.

  • LGST208 - The Law at Work: Employment Law for Managers

    This course is based on the principle that knowledge and understanding of employment law facilitate (1) promotion of a workforce with a high degree of commitment to reaching business goals, (2) the development of practical business solutions to problems arising in the workplace, (3) effective human resources policy and procedures that comply with applicable laws. It provides students with an introduction to the law of the workforce and examines the balance between business goals and employment law compliance. The course examines the various employment laws with which businesses must comply and the legal rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. The emphasis is on laws concerning equal employment opportunity with respect to discrimination and harassment because of sex, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and other characteristics protected by workforce laws; work-related privacy including investigations, electronic communication and social media; employee misclassification; diversity and affirmative action; and the legal and regulatoenvironment regarding immigration, wage and hour, leaves of absence, hiring, termination and afterwards, the non-employee workforce, whistle blower concerns, labor/management relations and collective bargaining.

  • MGMT247 - Employment Law

    See LGST 208. This is a cross-listed course.

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In the News

What Employers Should Learn from Wal-Mart’s Dress Code Controversy

Wal-Mart's plan to toughen its employee dress code was a good marketing move that backfired, according to Wharton's Deborah Weinstein.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2014/09/22
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